Child Portraiture

Family Portraits


Magic Wand

I have been asked if I have one, but I don’t. What I do have is the skill to bring my client’s photography vision to life. I guess that could be the same thing? 😉

Passionate Photographer

Passionate would be an understatement. I take deep pride in providing my clients with photos that will last a lifetime and beyond. 


Start to finish, I am right there with you. Each client has their own unique, private Client Portal to view, edit, and sign their documents, as well as pay their invoices. Everything is completed in real time, making the process both painless and seamless. 

We chat on the phone to initially plan your session. I get a feel for what you are looking for, and what your vision is. After you book, I send you all of your session documents for review and signing. I have been told that this part of the process makes booking with me easier than most other local photographers. We don’t have to meet up (I know you are busy), you can review and sign everything at your convenience. 

The session: my favorite part. This is where the magic happens. I prefer more unposed, lifestyle type photo sessions, but this is YOUR vision, and I will make sure your photos match that. 

Weddings: you will have developed a timeline that we will stick to throughout your big day, to make sure we capture as many of your requested shots as possible. I can’t guarantee that we will capture them all (weddings are cray-cray), but that is the ultimate goal. 

Delivery: portrait sessions currently have a 3-week turn around time, and weddings have a 12-week turn around time. This is to ensure that when your photos are delivered, they are up to my strict standards. I only deliver the absolute best images, and do not keep rejected images. Trust me, you don’t want to see them anyways… (cue scary background music).



We have a wide selection of gorgeous, hand-painted canvas backdrops available right here in our studio, for the client who would like a more controlled session. We also have a big selection of props (mostly for children) and are working on building up a newborn wardrobe. Right now, we definitely have enough variety in newborn items that we could create the perfect session for your sweet new addition. ♥